Tuesday, May 5, 2020

A Teacher Who Is Easy Going and Humorous Can Intrigue Students to Learn Well free essay sample

For individuals, just as learning professional knowledge from a guider makes the most sufficient in an education constitution, so does a student acquire beneficially in study life. Some people support the statement that is more effective to have a serious and a strict teacher rather than one who is full of humor and easygoing. As a matter of fact, the survey (Harvey Craft, 2010) shows a teacher who is easygoing and has a sense of humor that can intrigue students to learn and gain knowledge. There are some reasons for students: because they can lower anxiety while learning, because they can confidently cultivate the optimistic views to their lives, because they can foster the future goals of being useful persons. To begin with, it is very vital for students to lower their learning anxiety during class. An affect will consider broadly learning as the aspects of emotions, feeling, mood and attitude. (Besnier, 1990, 421) When a professor hooks the beginning of daily technique topic, students can be easily to input from what the professor has mentioned today. We will write a custom essay sample on A Teacher Who Is Easy Going and Humorous Can Intrigue Students to Learn Well or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page A good personal case deserves to illustrate this point: When I was a university student, I was in love with attending one of my professional courses called â€Å"Translation Media†. The professor, Kevin always used a creative and humorous way to warm up the lecture. Everyone including me liked to join his discussion. The vivid PowerPoint pictures with funny academic videos always captured my heart, I could be easily to bear everything in my mind. Moreover, I liked to turn in assignment diligently and I even got A plus in each quiz. Therefore, reliving nervous mood is better to input knowledge. Another factor is by no means crucial to serve that students can be confident to cultivate the optimistic views to their lives. Take my personal example, before joining TOFEL TEST; I would like to take TOFEL-Internet Course. Although the school was far from my hometown, I still persisted taking a coach to the destination every week. Because the instructors were very patient to encourage me to have optimistic thinking to conquer the hurdles, I finally got good scores and thanked my guiders. Hence, it is helpful to have positive horizons. Besides that, Cultivating to become useful persons in the future is significant for students. They can feel bright without darkness when learning. Everything will go well. To more specific, an old saying was illustrated, â€Å"Hard work brings success. † As students have obtained something from the professors, they can output by themselves and apply for the future what job they will do. In conclusion, it is clear that, a nice teacher with humor and being easygoing is more effective than one with strict and serious manner. Students can have good mood and attitude due to the lower anxiety, the confidence to their lives, and the goal of being a useful person to society contribution in the future. After all, life is short, art long.

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