Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Influence of Sports Science Disciplines on Gymnastics Essay

Influence of Sports Science Disciplines on Gymnastics - Essay Example Gymnasts need to consider the issue or factor of rotation as one of the elements of the achievement of performance success in gymnastics. The success in gymnastics has a direct relationship to the ability of the gymnast or athlete to somersault, twist, and illustrate the potentiality of combing both elements.  Consequently, the ability and potentiality of the athlete to execute these actions is largely the function of the technique to generate or develop substantial and sufficient angular momentum in the course of the take-off. During this process, it is ideal to utilize or exploit the momentum conversation principle, while participating in the sporting activities. In addition, it is vital to utilize the essence that the ‘total’ angular momentum consists of the sum of the angular momentum in relation to success the segments of the athlete. Third, it is critical for the athlete to exploit the potentiality of the angular momentum to reflect the product of the moment in r elation to inertia, as well as the angular velocity. Proper application of these ‘facts’ are essential for the achievement of success by gymnasts. The approaches or application of the facts enable gymnasts to enhance their abilities in the course of generating twists while transferring the angular momentum from one body part or axis to another. Similarly, the gymnasts have the ability and potentiality to increase, as well as decrease the rate of rotation with reference to the alteration of the body configuration.

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